Q: How does her hair work?

A: Stafford Dolls come beautifully bald and ready for you to embellish. For a quick how-to, see the videos on the home page. Visit the Adding Hair page to see how you can do it yourself and our Gallery for inspiration. 

Q: How are Stafford Dolls made?

A: The process begins with finding a joyful fabric that we transform into a joyful doll.  Our dolls are all Happily Handmade in the USA. This means Stafford Dolls values respectful wages for the artisans who cut, sew, stuff, and joint the dolls by hand. 

Q: How do I buy a Stafford Doll?

A: You can buy her at the Stafford Dolls Shop on Etsy, here. 


Q: Why is her face blank?

A: She is whoever you want her to be, whenever you want her to be that way. If you would like to give her features for a couple hours, you can use an invisible pen or add felt shapes for a more permanent face.