Women, who have decades of experience and love to create, share their passion for sewing together. 


Every doll is touched by: the creator, the cutter, the sewer, the finisher, and then again by the creator for the finishing touches and a farewell kiss. 

In the USA

Stafford Dolls employs our neighbors, friends and family at a respectful wage that honors their expertise. 

Stafford Dolls are delightful to look at, play with, and hold. The fabrics, the shape, the feel, the surprise and fun of changing hair...everything makes them irresistible! The artisans I work with are delighted to bring these evocative, playable, and giftable dolls into your life. 

The doll's patented head embellishment design gives you freedom to be creative. We want to see how you embellish your Stafford doll! To possibly be featured in the gallery stream, tag your doll with #stafforddolls on Instagram.


The wide variety of 100% cotton fabrics are selected for their joyful patterns and pleasing textures, including pique, corduroy and flannel. There are a limited number of dolls in most patterns.

Each doll is individually sewn, hand stuffed, closed and jointed at the shoulder and elbow. Large dolls are also jointed at the knee. 

Materials & Care

The 100% cotton body may be surface wiped and even put in the washer and dryer on cool, gentle settings. The doll comes out perfectly! 

The stuffing is what makes Stafford Dolls so huggable. The doll is easily reshaped if squished too hard (suitcase!). If with time and loving the stuffing compacts, you may easily open the back stitching and add more to the firmness of your choice.


The doll is simply cotton and stuffing with no decorations. The provided elastic cord or ribbon and blunt plastic needle for threading tacks are not suitable for unsupervised young children. 

Dolls come with instructions on how to place tacks and add hair if you wish to embellish your Stafford Doll. 

PATENT NO.:  US 9,314,702 B2

Please contact me about licensing the patented design for head embellishment on a cloth or plastic doll.